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Artistic inline skating competition in the 12th Asian S.A. Roller Skating Championships
A Pre-Event of 2009 World Games hosted by Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Artistic inline competition has never been part of the Asian S.A. Roller skating Championships from its very beginning. But not this time in the 12th game held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan!

In 2004, Inlinefigure.com started the promotion of
Snow White in some Asian countries including Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Iran.  At that time, the artistic inline skating was still not popular in Asia, this could be found from the fact that Taiwan had been the only country from Asia to join the Worlds inline championships during 2002~2005.

With the permission of Mr. Yoshiro Noguchi, President of CARS (Confederation of Asian Roller Sports), Taiwan Roller Skating Federation sought for entries from Asian countries in order to host the 1st Asian artistic inline competition in the 12th Asian S.A. Roller Skating Championships.  Inlinefigure.com learned the situation and helped to invite Iran and Singapore to attend the competition through its distributors in these two countries.  For the first time, Asian artistic inliners finally had the chance to the match.

Not only did Inlinefigure.com help to invite Asian inline skaters to Taiwan, but also provided a two-day session for the foreign coaches and skaters before the competition started.  The session was held at Min-Deh Junior High School in Tainan on Sep 30 and Oct 1, 2006.  Our deepest appreciation to Mr.& Mrs. Du, coaches of Inline Team Taiwan, for their courtesy of intensive training course arrangement and demonstration.

'We are not here for medals.' said by Yasaman Hejazi, Coach of Team Iran. 'We are here to learn!  Taiwanese inline skaters level is far above ours and we want to grab any opportunity to learn from them during our stay in Taiwan, including the preparation we need for going to the 2006 Worlds in Spain.' 

And how did Mr. Jamshid Vaziri, President of Skate Federation of Islamic Republic Iran, say about the performance of Team Iran? 'I will recommend their application for 2006 Worlds Inline competition!  They were wonderful!'

'We flew in Taiwan at the last minute without any preparation!' said by Kelvin Ow-Yong, Coach of Team Singapore. 'I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Du for everything she did for us.  She helped us with the music arrangement for short program and long program, lent Jolyn the formal skating costume before competition. She is really so nice to us!'

The competition was scheduled on Oct 4~5.  Skaters entry is listed as below:

Mens: Ladies:
Ardavan Molana (Iran) Chen I-Ching (Taiwan)
Chen Li-Hsin (Taiwan) Hsin Chia-Ling (Taiwan)
Huang Chin-Wei (Taiwan) Jolyn Tan (Singapore)
Jungmok-Ha (South Korea) Nesa Hassanzadeh (Iran)
  Saba Mazaheri (Iran)



Ardavan Molana

Click the underlined athletes' names to see video clips of the medalists in the competition.

Mens Ladies

Huang Chin-Wei (TWN)

32MB Gold Hsin Chia-Ling (TWN) 27MB
Silver Chen Li-Hsin (TWN) 27MB Silver Chen I-Ching (TWN) 26MB

Ardavan Molana (IRI)

28MB Bronze Nesa Hassanzadeh (IRI) 30MB

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