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Artistic inline skating is a professional sport.  Not only do the AI skaters need to build up their professional attitude, they also need to take the best advantage of their skating equipment.  Without the support from well-maintained equipment, AI skaters, no matter how talented they are or how hard they practice, still miss the last mile to success.

Inlinefigure.com cherishes your monetary investment in our products and would like to see you making progress on artistic inline skating.  Therefore it is our job to guide you with sufficient information before you take your first step.

Following are the subjects that we've prepared UserGuide information for the beginners.  Click on a  subject and you will be linked to a new web page with a detailed description and picture demonstrations.  We will keep updating the content in order to provide better customer service.

Subject Abstract
How to assemble your Snow White?  I just received my Snow White package, but I don't know where to start...?
How to mount your Snow White?  My boots are quite expensive and I certainly don't want to ruin them with a bad mounting.  What should I do?
How to lace up your boots?  I just can't lace my boots well and my feet feel loose inside.  Are my boots one size too large?
How to remove bearings?  I want to replace my bearings.  How can I remove the old ones from the wheel hubs?
Skating safety  Several tips to help you skate safely!

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