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Basic skills

After you've browsed through the first paragraph - edges, skating on edge......etc, it's time for you to learn and
practice these basic skills, i.e., 'elements' to begin your freeskating.

According to EISFA, a Level 6 (beginner) and 5 (intermediate) test requirements need to be developed before skaters move to higher levels.   They are so-called 'fundamental' skating footwork.  The complete list of
linked with video clips, is as below. Click the element name to launch video clip!

Still recall the 'code' from the introduction If not, we urge you to go back to the previous page for more details as these abbreviations will be used intensively here.

The following video clips were performed on Snow White or Entry Level skates.  
Some video clips file size are large, please be patient for internet connection. Courtesy of Holiday on Inlines

Beginner: Intermediate:
1. Forward & Backward Straight Line 1. Backward Outsides Edges
2. Forward Outside Edges 2. Backward Outside Cross Rolls
3. Forward Inside Edges 2a. Backward Inside Edges
4. Forward Outside Cross Rolls 3. Forward & Backward Spirals
5. Forward and Backward Crossovers 4. Forward & Backward Power Pulls
6. Three Turns 5. All 4 Three Turns
7. Mohawks 6. Rhythm Stroking
8. Spin


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