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Is it possible to convert my used ice figure skates into artistic inline skates?

We’ve been frequently asked if a pair of used ice figure skates are able to be converted into artistic inline skates.   The answer is YES if the used boots are carefully checked and meet some simple requirements.  Many skaters have successfully made this conversion.  The following suggestions will help you run through a strategic examination of your used boots to see if they are suitable for conversion:

Be sure the used boots are still rigid and with support in both the ankle and counter areas.

Be sure the outsoles and heels are still in good condition, i.e., the outsoles and heels are not rotten due to long periods of contact with water/moisture.

Study the pictures below.  The left picture shows the most common holes found on the outsole when the blade is removed.  Usually there are 6 to 8 holes in the front and four in the heel.  The right picture shows how it looks when the Snow White frame is placed and ready to mount.  As long as the positions of the Snow White mount-holes differ from the holes for the blade, it is safe to proceed with the conversion.

We can help to clarify if the existing drill holes on your used boots overlap the Snow White® holes.  Send us an email telling us what boots model and size they are of your used boots, and the outsole length.  We will return you a diagram with recommended Snow White® frame size and the positions of all the required holes.   Following is a diagram of Snow White® frame size #15.

Ask us if you're still not sure about converting your ice boots.
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