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Welcome to our Order & Inquiry page!

We believe you've found great interest in our products and are ready to order.

Click here, copy and paste the following entries with order information into your email content, then send it out.  It's all done!

Upon receiving your order, we will get back to you as soon as we can.  

Thank you!
 Dear Inlinefigure.com,

 I'd like to place a complete inline outfit order to you with the following order information:

 1. My name -
 2. My email address -
 3. Skater's actual foot length (without 8mm in addition) - ???mm
     Skater's actual foot width - ???mm
     Skater's actual foot circumference - ???mm
     Will skater's feet grow bigger in the next 6 months -
 4. Boot model -
 5. Boot size -
 6. Boot color -
7. Quantity -
 8. Wheel type - Orange color indoor
Champ® or light grey color outdoor SpeedMax® -
 9. Additional parts needed -
 10. Order shipping -
      Address for delivery:
      Contact telephone number of addressee:
 11. Ideal shipping method - EMS or FedEx? (Note: FedEx shipping charges more!  Click here for more info.)
 12. Other information -

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