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After scouring the world to find the best offering of skating boot to compliment our Snow White, we have carefully selected boots from Edeaskates to complete our inline figure skate collection.

Edea, well known for their innovative thinking, is recognized as a pioneer of modern and technical solutions for the skating boot industry.  Edea boots will appeal to skaters wishing to take advantage of the newest uses of materials and design technology.

Whether you are innovative or traditional at heart, Edea boots will meet your artistic and competitive needs.

Edea Overture

Edea Chorus

Edea Concerto

Edea Ice Fly

Edea Piano

We offer the following complete inline figure outfits for your choice!
All skates are well-mounted and set for your ready-to-skate excitement!

Complete inline figure skates outfits

Snow White (Wheels/bearings/toe-stops)


Edea's boots =


Overture US$380.00
Chorus US$480.00
Concerto US$610.00
Ice Fly US$725.00
Piano US$870.00

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How to find my ideal boots size?

Ordering a pair of boots from the internet has never been an easy job, especially when you got lost in so many different sizing systems, e.g. US Men's/Ladies, Euro, French, UK, Japan....!  We believe the most reliable method is to trace down your foot and measure the length, width, and circumference.  Tell us these measurements and leave the rest to us, it's just that easy!
Wear your skating socks, stand up and let someone do the tracing for you.  Keep pencil up straight vertically while tracing.


Measure foot trace length by millimeters in stead of inches.  Edea uses millimeters for production with accuracy.  US sizing is inconsistent and not interchangeable.

Measure foot trace circumference and width by millimeters too.

4). Add 8mm allowance at the boots toe-box area.

5). Memorize the number (traced length+8mm), then locate a fitting boot size from the table below.

6). If you're still not able to find your boot size, please contact us.  We will help you to locate it.

Boots size chart

Inlinefigure.com boot sizing policy:

1. We offer the following boots size chart with our best knowledge for customer's review prior to their purchase.

2. We will do everything possible to ensure customers to find a proper fitting boot size.   However, the customers are responsible for their final sizing decision and for all shipping charges for replacement unless it was a mistake on the part of us.



Snow White size #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20

Boot size

205 ~ 210

215 ~ 220

225 ~ 230

235 ~ 240

245 ~ 250

255 ~ 260

265 ~ 270

275 ~ 280

285 ~ 290

295 ~ 300

305 ~ 310

European size


32  ~  33


35  ~  36


38  ~  39


41  ~  42


44  ~  45

46  ~  47

Wheel size in box





We would also urge you to consider the purchase of Extra Wheel Set special.  Click here for more details.

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