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 Snow White® upgraded in Spring 2022

Snow White®

A ground-breaking design for artistic inline figure skates.  The three-wheel rockered design is the latest step in the evolution from clunky roller skates to an advanced tool for graceful movement on wheels.  Snow White® is extremely lightweight and highly maneuverable. Inline figure skaters will love how the shorter frame length allows tighter turns and closer footwork.

With its bi-level reinforcement-bridge to reduce impact torsion and its versatile mounting platform, compatible with most of today’s figure skating boots, Snow White® sets the new standard for inline figure frames.

Snow White® is also the most widely used artistic inline plates in the roller skating worlds championships.  Since 2006, nearly half of the athletes have been using Snow White® to compete at the worlds championships and  Snow White® has successfully helped them to win medals.


Ice figure skaters will find this frame perfect for off-season practice. The Snow White® has a remarkable similarity to the feel of a figure skating blade on ice.  You can jump, spin, dance, and perform all the same footwork elements.  You can actually feel the inside and outside edges on this skate, and the toe-stopper works just like a toe pick.  Following videos show the consistent transition of skaters between ice/roller.

YOU CAN DO IT ON ICE ? - So you can also do it on INLINES!
Ice/Inliner skating coach Christine Bertolasi from Austria

Sofya Tupikina - Figure skating on and off ice
Professional skater from Novosibirsk, Russia

Snow White®, your best choice for inline figure skating and off-ice training!

True story

Following is an example of how Snow White® skates are being successfully applied to the off-ice season practice - reported by Guido Tonini from Bologna, Italy.

"...The IceInline Sport Association in Imola-Italy promotes ice skating and artistic inline skating.  Due to the warm climate of the place, the nearest indoor ice rink can operate only from mid  October to end of March, and has the disadvantage of being far away from the town.  A local temporary open-air rink is available only in December and January. The limited opening seasons of both rinks and the distance are discouraging factors for any proficient learning of ice skating.

The Association made the decision to buy a large lot of Snow White skates, hiring them to the young skaters, and so performing the course mostly on inline skates. The results are quite encouraging.  Now many children can exercise for longer periods and are just learning their first jumps on inline skates, even before experimenting them on the ice.

As you can see there is a large pavilion with a hard and very smooth concrete floor particularly suitable for skating.  And obviously there are no high running costs on refrigeration, as usually occurs with ice rinks."

Photo source: Courtesy of Paola Ballanti

Photo source: Courtesy of Paola Ballanti

Photo source: Courtesy of Inline-Kunstlauf Krefeld

Photo source: Courtesy of Inline-Kunstlauf Krefeld
The Snow White® frame comes in 11 different lengths and can accommodate figure boots cross Mondo point 200 ~ 310 (corresponding French size #30 ~ #47 or US Men's #13J ~ 12½).  It is the only frame on the market that provides such a wide range of boot sizes!  The correct match between boot size and frame size will provide the most effective balance over the frame.


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