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A fresh and new YouTube video introducing Snow White®
(Language in Polish with English subtitle)

Courtesy of Ms. Aleksandra Szejnoga

Snow White® was tested by skaters and coaches all around the world.  Since its presentation in 2004, more and more contestants had chosen to use Snow White® in the World Roller Skating Championships.  Here are some testimonials from them.


Gustavo Casado Melo from Brazil   Eric Traonouezs from France   Hsin-Chia Ling from Taiwan
  Gold Medalist 2009 world championships
Gold Medalist 2007 world championships
Silver Medalist 2006 world championships
Bronze Medalist 2005 world championships
  Silver Medalist 2009 world championships
Gold Medalist 2008 world championships
  Bronze Medalist 2009 world championships
Bronze Medalist 2008 world championships
6th position at 2007 world championships
  Francisca Cabrera Antoine from Chile   Courtney Donovan from USA   Adrian Baturin from Argentina
  Bronze Medalist 2009 Sudamerican championships
The first artistic inline skater in Chile for interna-
tional competition, trained with Jose Luis Diaz -
also the first male artistic inline skater in Chile.
  Bronze Medalist 2007 world championships.
Courtney's biography
, click here.
  Bronze Medalist 2004 World Championships.

Adrian Baturin
Carlos Urquia
Courtney Donovan
(United States)
Diego Dores
Eric Traonouez
Gustavo Casado
Hsin Chia-Ling
Chun Lee
Nesa Hassanzadeh
Raymond Lee
Sabrina Gagliano
Sara Zadmehr
Valentina Escobar Talner
Vivian Moreira
Viviana Iparraguirre DelasCasas (Peru)

Let the movies speak for themselves! Click film boxes below to see Snow White®  Stars' performance!


  "....She now has Snow Whites and they are wonderful!....."

   A comment posted in the Skatelog forum.

w  I'm always flying, when I'm skating ;-))) !

     Christine Bertolasi
     Ice and inline skating coach, Snow White® distributor in Austria.

w  Inline-Kunstlauf Krefeld
See how these young and lovely Germany skaters perform on Snow White®.  They definitely will be competing with tough skaters from all over the world within a few years.

w  The skates are GREAT!
They are safe and comfortable.  I did some one foot spins already and waltz jumps, pivots, loop jumps,
and even played
basketball with my children in my driveway while skating in them.
I hope you can sell them to the general public quite soon since they will make many people happy! 
They are exactly what
I had in mind when I first put on my first Roller-blades in 1987. 
Thanks for inventing these!
Jo Ann Schneider Farris

w  I am trying to wear them most of the day today to see how they fit.  Amazingly, they appear to be of nice
quality for a break in product.
     Marion Ennis Curtis
     IIFSA gold Medallist

w  We had a quick go yesterday, and found them very impressive. I found I could edge much easier on these
than both the Snyder Triax and Risport Galaxie. I guess this is due to the rockering. They also seem to have
tighter turning circle, which makes them much more reactive.
     Gawaine Davis
     Artistic Roller Skating coaches Sydney, Australia.

w  I'm sure the entry level for Inline Figure skating will appreciate the lower start up price... More skaters... good
for the sport!
     Greg Lane
     Inventor of Custom V1 inline skates, Australia.

w  It's a very good skate. The test shows that they are good as well for spins and jumps as for footwork. We tried
with wheels of 70mm,... is used to skate with four wheels skates, but he found that your skates are less
And for the "front-pick", I think the best is the one you have on your frames.
     Jean-Pierre Faugère

w  Hi, ..... I've just received your frame which I can tell you with all my heart that is so much more amazing than I expected.
I love it, it's so light not heavy. The designer is beautiful and its shape is lovely like to skate on the
     Claudia Del Vecchio
     St. Paulo, Brazil.  Figure skating Silver medallist

w  I test this fantastic frame.  It is shorter than Pic so I can do footworks better and skating look beautifully because
I don’t need to open my leg for to prevent of  frame’s coincidence.

Toe stop is so safer than toe pic.

So I prefer Snow White.  It is better.  And I must  tell you good job that is wonderful and Thank you.

I explain all of these in my weblog for Iranian skater and put some photo and website address. You can see it from here.

Thank you again.

Fariba Fathi
Tehran, Iran.  Iranian inline skate coach and judge

w  ......I loved the new skates immediately,.......After I emailed you, I went and tried both pairs.  It was incomparable.
The range of movement with the Entry Level was incredible.  Be sure I will pass on the word of these skates as
I can.   Thanks again!

Amanda Range
Lock Haven, USA

w   I skated on them today for the first time, and they were great!  They are very smooth & well balanced. It took a while to get used to having the rubber toe picks in the front, so I have started with them in the highest position.  But they really do handle like my ice skates, which is wonderful because that means I can practice outdoors on asphalt what I learn in ice skating lessons.

I had looked at three different kinds of inline figure skate frames. The Snow White frames had the best features, so that's why I chose them.  I certainly did get some surprised looks from people today while I was skating on them...
I think because they look very much like ice skates!

Thanks for the fast delivery, and the frame-mounting instructions.  I'm sure I'll have lots of fun with these skates.


Julie Hall
Menlo Park, Calif. USA

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