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How to assemble your Snow White
Note: If you ARE NOT familiar with the following mounting procedure, we recommend that you contact
with your distributor.  They will provide you more information and satisfactory mounting services.

1. Insert a bearing into the wheel's core 2. Turn wheel upside down.
3. Insert aluminum bearing spacer
4. Insert 2nd bearing into wheel's core.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the remaining wheels.

6. The plastic toe stop block was installed in advance, so you should start assembling the wheels. Note: At this time only the front and middle wheels need to be assembledThe rear wheel must wait after you have completed the frame mounting.

7. The blue dot on the screws is call 'Nylok', it helps to prevent screw loosen.  Add strength when you feel resistance while screwing.

8. Set the toe stop rod at the opening of block.

9. Gently screw the toe stop up to the position where you plan to use when skating.  We suggest you to set it to the top at this time as you are going to adjust it later.

10. Set the long tapered screw and use T-shaped hand tool to screw it in. You don't need to screw tightly,  we suggest you skate for couple of minutes in order to verify the proper toe stop position.

11. Refer to the step #12 in below and set your frame to the proper position under your boot sole. You will need  to drill screw holes on the sole and heel before you mount the frame.  Use 1/2" screws for the front support flanges and 5/8" screws for the rear support platform.

12. Click next page for mounting suggestion.  It was from one of our Snow White skaters and we found it very helpful to this task.


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