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Jumps & Spins, Class 5th - intermediate and Advanced
Jumps and spins make your inline freeskating amazing and appealing.   Click the element name and you can see it demonstrated.  Try these moves and you will catch peoples’ eyes at the rink!
Following video clips were performed on Snow White® or Entry Level® skates.  
Some video clips file size are large, please be patient for internet connection. Courtesy of Holiday on Inlines

Camel Spin


Change foot Spin Scratch spin
Flip Sit spin
Loop Spiral
Lutz Toe loop
Mohawk+Loop Waltz jump

More Advanced Jumps & Spins
See all 'Double' advanced footwork elements performed by Adrian Baturin on Snow White® in The Hague & Rotterdam.

Click to view Triple Salchow
Serpentine - The connecting elements
Without strong connecting elements, jumps and spins are just isolated elements.  Serpentine footwork acts importantly as a connecting interface in between jumps and spins.  The video clips below show how the skater manipulates the change of edge and position of body in order to complete a complicated serpentine combination.


Double Loop

Double Lutz Double Salchow Double Toe Loop Traveling Camel Spin
B_I_Double3s B_O_Double3s F_I_Double3s F_O_Double3s F_I_B_I_Brackets F_O_B_O_Brackets


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