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Stopper, set of 2 89A/HR Synergy, set of 6 84A/SHR Champ, set of 6 89A/HR SpeedMax, set of 6
Nature rubber toe stop
Thread spec: Metric M16 x 1.5
72mm available only 64mm / 68mm / 72mm 64mm / 68mm / 72mm
US$22.00 US$42.00 US$27.00 / 28.00 / 29.00 US$27.00 / 28.00 / 29.00


Serviceable 608RS ABEC-5, set of 12 Standard 608ZZ ABEC-5, set of 12 Mounting kit, set of 12 x 2 Wheel bolt & Alu-alloy spacer, set of 6

Engineered for competitive skating.
Super fine-tuned runways.
Removable frictionless rubber shield for easy maintenance (Rubber shield color varies subject to production).

Specifically designed for Snow White.
High-low threads with alternating heights to reduce driving torque and enhance reliable resistance to the thread stripping.
Free from the strength of shear forces.

US$30.00 US$20.00 US$5.00 US$10.00


T-shaped hand tool, set of 2 Edea Jacquard skate bag Edea spinner Rotation training disc - Dia 10" x 1 "

A tool that scientifically simulates skating positions and actions.  It Helps to develop and train the good skating posture, balance, orientation and control at any time you want.

US$3.00 US$35.00 US$35.00 US$23.00

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